New Adult Reference Books at Skokie Public Library These are the latest titles added to the collection eng Fri, 31 Oct 2014 05:31:46 GMT Millennium Feed Builder 720 New Adult Reference Books at Skokie Public Library 88 31 People tools for business : 50 strategies for building success, creating wealth, and finding happiness / Alan C. Fox. Fox, Alan C. 9781590792872 (pbk.) Everyone's a critic : winning customers in a review-driven world / Bill Tancer. Tancer, Bill, author. 9781591846383 The handmade marketplace / Kari Chapin. Chapin, Kari. 9781612123356 (pbk.) What do you want to create today? : build the life you want at work / Dr. Bob Tobin. Tobin, Bob. 9781940363158 (hbk.) Good leaders ask great questions : your foundation for successful leadership / John C. Maxwell. Maxwell, John C., 1947- 9781455548071 (hardback) Conquering the seven summits of sales : from Everest to every business, achieving peak performance / Susan Ershler and John Waechter. Ershler, Susan, author. 9780062282644 Smartcuts : how hackers, innovators, and icons accelerate success / Shane Snow. Snow, Shane, author. 9780062302458 The who, what, and where of America : understanding the American Community Survey / edited by Deirdre A. Gaquin, Gwenavere W. Dunn. 9781598887099 (hardcover) The employer's legal handbook : / Fred S. Steingold. Steingold, Fred S., 1936- 9781413318883 (pbk.) Scale : seven proven principles to grow your business and get your life back / Jeff Hoffman and David Finkel. Hoffman, Jeff, author. 9781591847243 (hardback) How to start a home-based catering business / Denise Vivaldo. Vivaldo, Denise. 9780762796410 (pbk.) Business buyout agreements : plan now for retirement, death, divorce or owner disagreements / Bethany K. Laurence, J.D., & attorney Anthony Mancuso. Laurence, Bethany K., 1968- author. 9781413318807 (pbk.) Incorporate your business / Anthony Mancuso. Mancuso, Anthony. 9781413319002 (pbk.) The women's small business start-up kit : a step-by-step legal guide / Peri Pakroo, J.D. Pakroo, Peri, author. 9781413320329 (pbk.) Great invention! Now what? : evaluate, patent, trademark, and license your new invention / Charles B. McGough. McGough, Charles B. 9781770401976 The first mile : a launch manual for getting great ideas into the market / Scott D. Anthony. Anthony, Scott D., author. 9781422171769 Family child care : guide to visits, inspections, and interviews / Donna C. Hurley, Sharon Woodward. Hurley, Donna C. 9781605541266 (pbk.) Keeping the books : basic recordkeeping and accounting for the successful small business / Linda Pinson. Pinson, Linda. 9780944205570 (pbk.) Packaging your crafts : creative ideas for crafters, artists, bakers & more / Viola E. Sutanto. Sutanto, Viola E. , author. 9781454708476 (paperback) Family business succession : your roadmap to continuity / Kelly LeCouvie and Jennifer Pendergast. LeCouvie, Kelly, author. 9781137280893 Magill's medical guide / medical editors, Bryan C. Auday, Ph.D., Gordon College, Michael A. Buratovich, Ph.D., Spring Arbor University, Geraldine F. Marrocco, Ed.D., APRN, CNS, ANP-BC, Yale University School of Nursing, Paul Moglia, Ph.D., South Nassau Communities Hospital. 9781619252141 (set) Knock 'em dead hiring the best : proven tactics for successful employee selection : how to build winning teams / Martin Yate, CPC. Yate, Martin John. 9781440562709 (pbk.) The young entrepreneur's guide to starting and running a business : turn your ideas into money! / Steve Mariotti with Debra DeSalvo. Mariotti, Steve, 1953- 9780385348546 (pbk.) No B.S. guide to brand-building by direct-response : the ultimate no holds barred plan to creating & profiting from a powerful brand without buying it / Dan S. Kennedy with Forrest Walden & Jim Cavale. Kennedy, Dan S., 1954- 9781599185330 (pbk.) Patent, copyright & trademark : an intellectual property desk reference / Richard Stim. Stim, Richard. 9781413319699 Working for yourself : law & taxes for independent contractors, freelancers & consultants / Stephen Fishman, J.D. Fishman, Stephen, author. 9781413319811 (pbk.) The small business start-up kit / Peri H. Pakroo, J.D. ; edited by Marcia Stewart. Pakroo, Peri, author. 9781413319774 Your small business adventure : finding your niche and growing a successful business / James W. Halloran. Halloran, James W. 9781937589448 (pbk.) The meetings handbook : formal rules and informal processes / Ronald D. Francis and Anona F. Armstrong. Francis, Ronald D. 9781783080434 (pbk.) HCPCS Level II expert. 2014. 9781626880672 (pbk.) Legal forms for starting & running a small business / Attorney Fred S. Steingold. Steingold, Fred, author. 9781413319637 (pbk.) Invent it, sell it, bank it! : make your million-dollar idea into a reality / Lori Greiner. Greiner, Lori. 9780804176439 (hardback) Limited liability companies for dummies / by Jennifer Reuting. Reuting, Jennifer, author. 9781118852989 (pbk.) Launch! : the critical 90 days from idea to market / Scott Duffy. Duffy, Scott. 9781591846062 (hbk.) The direct mail solution : a business owner's guide to planning and executing a lead-generating, sales-driving, money-making direct-mail campaign / Craig Simpson & Dan S. Kennedy. Simpson, Craig . 9781599185187 (pbk.) Start your own blogging business : generate income from advertisers, subscribers, merchandising, and more / Entrepreneur Press and Jason R. Rich. Rich, Jason. 9781599185217 (pbk.) Entrepreneurial finance : finance and business strategies for the serious entrepreneur / Steven Rogers with Roza Makonnen. Rogers, Steven, 1957- 9780071825399 LinkedIn for dummies / by Joel Elad, MBA. Elad, Joel, author. 9781118822210 (pbk.) How to show & sell your crafts : how to build your craft business at home, online, and in the marketplace / Torie Jayne. Jayne, Torie. 9781250044723 (pbk.) Start your own bar and club : sports bars, nightclubs, neighborhood bars, wine bars and more / Entrepreneur Press and Liane Cassavoy. Cassavoy, Liane. 9781599185194 (pbk.) Tweet naked : a bare-all social media strategy for boosting your brand and your business / Scott Levy. Levy, Scott. 9781599185156 (pbk.) How to start a home-based mobile app developer business / Chad Brooks. Brooks, Chad. 9780762788095 How to start a home-based Etsy business / Gina Luker ; foreword by Myquillyn Smith ( Luker, Gina. 9780762784837 (pbk.) Scrapbooking for profit : cashing in on retail, home-based, and Internet opportunities / Rebecca F. Pittman. Pittman, Rebecca (Rebecca F.) 9781621532699 Venture capital for dummies / by Nicole Gravagna and Peter K. Adams. Gravagna, Nicole. 9781118642238 (pbk.) Event management for dummies / Laura Capell. Capell, Laura. 9781118591123 Small business taxes for dummies / by Eric Tyson, MBA. Tyson, Eric (Eric Kevin), author. 9781118650615 (pbk.) Business plans kit for dummies / by Steven D. Peterson, PhD, Peter Jaret, PhD, and Barbara Findlay Schenk. Peterson, Steven (Steven D.), author. 9781118725627 (pbk.) Work for money, design for love : answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting and running a successful design business / by David Airey. Airey, David, 1979- 9780321844279 Genreflecting : a guide to popular reading interests / Cynthia Orr and Diana Tixier Herald, editors. 9781598848403 (hbk.) How to start a home-based graphic design business / Jim Smith with Lisa Polce. Smith, Jim, author. 9780762784820 How to start a home-based quilting business / Deborah Bouziden. Bouziden, Deborah. 9780762788101 Opening and operating a retail bakery / Rick Douglas Crawford, CMB. Crawford, Rick Douglas. 9781118288436 (pbk.) Planet entrepreneur : the World Entrepreneurship Forum's guide to business success around the world / Steven D. Strauss [editor] ; and members of the World Entrepreneurship Forum. 9781118789520 (hardcover) No B.S. time management for entrepreneurs : the ultimate no-holds barred, kick butt, take no prisoners guide to time, productivity & sanity / by Dan S. Kennedy. Kennedy, Dan S., 1954- 9781599185095 (paperback) Minding my business : the complete, no-nonsense, start-to-finish guide to owning and running your own store / by Adeena Mignogna. Mignogna, Adeena. 9781626360075 (paperback) Home business tax deductions : keep what you earn / Stephen Fishman. Fishman, Stephen. 9781413319354 (pbk.) The one-hour business plan : the simple and practical way to start anything new / John McAdam. McAdam, John, 1962- 9781118726228 (hardcover) Disciplined entrepreneurship : 24 steps to a successful startup / Bill Aulet ; illustrations by Marius Ursache. Aulet, Bill, 1958- 9781118692288 (hardcover) The agile start-up : quick and dirty lessons every entrepreneur should know / Jeff Scheinrock, Matt Richter-Sand. Scheinrock, Jeff. 9781118548264 (hardcover) Reinventing the entrepreneur : turning your dream business into a reality / MaryEllen Tribby. Tribby, MaryEllen. 9781118584453 (hardcover) How to start a home-based computer repair business / Ryan Arter. Arter, Ryan. 9780762786589 (pbk.) Marketing strategies for the home-based business / Shirley George Frazier. Frazier, Shirley George. 9780762786619 Starting an Etsy business for dummies / by Kate Gatski, Kate Shoup, and Allison Strine. Gatski, Kate. 9781118590249 (paperback) The no B.S. guide to direct marketing / by Dan S. Kennedy ; with special guest chapters from Ben Glass and Craig Proctor and special interview with Richard Seppala. Kennedy, Dan S., 1954- 9781599185019 (paperback) Entrepreneur magazine's ultimate guide to Pinterest for business : master the A-Z guide on using Pinterest in your profession, curate content and build boards that convert customers to buyers, create a savvy pinning strategy to drive traffic, build your brand, and boost business / Karen Leland. Leland, Karen. 9781599185088 (paperback) Retail in detail / Ronald L. Bond. Bond, Ronald L., 1939- 9781599185118 (paperback) 80/20 sales and marketing : the definitive guide to working less and making more / Perry Marshall ; foreword by Richard Koch. Marshall, Perry S. 9781599185057 (paperback) Entrepreneur magazine's ultimate guide to YouTube for business / Jason R. Rich. Rich, Jason. 9781599185101 (paperback) Do cool sh*t : quit your day job, start your own business, and live happily ever after / Miki Agrawal ; [foreword by Tony Hsieh]. Agrawal, Miki. 9780062261533 Start your own online coupon or daily deal business : your step-by-step guide to success / Entrepreneur Press and Rich Mintzer. Mintzer, Richard. 9781599185125 (paperback) Start your own staffing service : your step-by-step guide to success / Entrepreneur Press and Krista Thoren Turner. Turner, Krista. 9781599185071 (paperback) Start your own college planning consultant business / by Entrepreneur Press and Eileen Figure Sandlin. Sandlin, Eileen Figure. 9781599185064 (paperback) Start your own fashion accessories business : your step-by-step guide to success / Entrepreneur Press and Eileen Figure Sandlin. Sandlin, Eileen Figure. 9781599185040 (paperback) Business analysis for dummies / by Paul Mulvey, Kate McGoey, and Kupe Kupersmith. Mulvey, Paul. 9781118510582 (pbk.) The Merck index : an encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals / Maryadele J. O'Neil, editor-in-chief ; Patricia E. Heckelman, senior associate editor ; Peter H. Dobbelaar, associate editor ; Kritisin J. Roman, assistant editor ; Catherine M. Kenney, senior editorial assistant ; Linda S. Karaffa, technical assistant. 1849736707 Starting an online business for dummies / by Greg Holden. Holden, Greg. 9781118607787 (pbk.) eBay business all-in-one for dummies / by Marsha Collier. Collier, Marsha. 9781118401668 (pbk.) How to open and operate a restaurant / Arthur L. Meyer and Jon M. Vann. Meyer, Arthur L. 9780762781898 Start your own construction and contracting business : your step-by-step guide to success / by Entrepreneur Press and Gregg Kuehn. Kuehn, Gregg. 9781599185033 (pbk.) One simple idea for startups and entrepreneurs : live your dreams and create your own profitable company / Stephen Key with Colleen Sell. Key, Stephen. 9780071800440 (hbk. : acid-free paper) Starting & building a nonprofit : a practical guide / Peri H. Pakroo. Pakroo, Peri. 9781413318470 (pbk.) Built in social : essential social marketing practices for every small business / Jeff Korhan. Korhan, Jeff, 1957- 9781118529744 (hbk.) 475 tax deductions for businesses and self-employed individuals : an A-to-Z guide to hundreds of tax write-offs / Bernard B. Kamoroff. Kamoroff, Bernard. 9781589797987 (pbk.) The buy side : a Wall Street trader's tale of spectacular excess / Turney Duff. Duff, Turney. 9780770437152 (hbk.) Start your own home business after 50 : how to survive, thrive, and earn the income you deserve! / Robert W. Bly. Bly, Robert W. 9781610351317 (pbk. : alk. paper) The small business start-up guide : a surefire blueprint to successfully launch your own business / Matthew Thompson & Michael Giabrone. Thompson, Matthew (Business writer) 9781402281327 (pbk.) Human resources kit for dummies / by Max Messmer. Messmer, Max, 1946- 9781118422892 (pbk.) The Facebook guide to small business marketing / by Ramon Ray. Ray, Ramon. 9780470875209 (pbk.) How to write a marketing plan / John Westwood. Westwood, John, 1947- 9780749467128 Start your own information marketing business : your step-by-step guide to success / Entreprenuer Press and Robert Skrob. Skrob, Robert. 9781599185002 (pbk.) Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-5. 9780890425541 Startup life : surviving and thriving in a relationship with an entrepreneur / Brad Feld, Amy Batchelor. Feld, Brad. 9781118443644 Start your own photography business : studio, freelance, gallery, events / Entrepreneur Press and Charlene Davis. Davis, Charlene, 1957- 9781599184470 (pbk.) Start your own grant-writing business / by Entrepreneur Press and Richard Mintzer. Mintzer, Richard. 9781599184463 (pbk.) Facebook marketing all-in-one for dummies / by Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, and Andrea Vahl. Porterfield, Amy. 9781118466780 (pbk.) Venture deals : be smarter than your lawyer and venture capitalist / Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson. Feld, Brad. 9781118443613 Tax deductions for professionals / Stephen Fishman. Fishman, Stephen. 9781413317664 (pbk.) Home business tax deductions : keep what you earn / Stephen Fishman. Fishman, Stephen. 1413317413 (pbk.) What the plus! : Google+ for the rest of us / Guy Kawasaki. Kawasaki, Guy, 1954- 9780071810104 (pbk. : alk. paper) The entrepreneurial instinct : how everyone has the innate ability to start a successful small business / Monica Mehta. Mehta, Monica. 9780071797429 (alk. paper) Etsy-preneurship : everything you need to know to turn your handmade hobby into a thriving business / Jason Malinak. Malinak, Jason. 9781118378380 (pbk.) Making sense of business reference : a guide for librarians and research professionals / Celia Ross. Ross, Celia. 9780838910849 (alk. paper) Managerial accounting for dummies / by Mark P. Holtzman. Holtzman, Mark P. 9781118116425 (pbk.)