New Blu-rays at Skokie Public Library These are the latest titles added to the collection eng Sun, 23 Nov 2014 06:43:43 GMT Millennium Feed Builder 720 New Blu-rays at Skokie Public Library 88 31 One direction - where we are: live from san siro stadium (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 888430587090 Hunger games, the - mockingjay part 1 (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11231354 Force majeure (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 876964008129 Rosewater (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11226039 Pride (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 043396451384 Love is strange (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 043396445543 Left behind (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 741952777199 The homesman (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11226035 The guest (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 025192275258 Foxcatcher (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11226033 Enemy at the gates (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 1415748748 Elsa & fred (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 687797157263 Dumb and dumber to (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11226037 The drop (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 024543968641 Calvary (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 024543980568 Under the dome - season two (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 032429155849 Tusk (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 031398208020 The trip to italy (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 030306193892 The theory of everything (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11221833 St. vincent (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 013132617435 Rio 2 sing-along (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 024543994411 The prince (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 031398205128 Interstellar (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11221831 Get on up (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 025192230288 Extant - the first season (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 032429206350 Boardwalk empire - complete 5th season (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 883929448173 Big hero 6 (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11221829 Alvin and the chipmunks (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 024543513995 Stonehearst asylum (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 687797155467 Sleeping beauty (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 786936842333 Scorpion king 4 - quest for power (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 025192200953 Nightcrawler (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11214758 Horns (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 013132624723 Dumbo (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 786936797725 Dumb and dumber (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 1419871714 Black sails season 1 (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 013132614205 Before i go to sleep (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11214756 Beethoven's treasure tail (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 025192214035 Alvin and the chipmunks (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 024543513995 White bird in a blizzard (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 876964008020 The two faces of january (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 876964007962 The spongebob squarepants movie (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 032429211170 The skeleton twins (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 031398207511 Reach me (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 687797144164 Ouija (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11208606 Looking - the complete first season (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 883929405398 Kite (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 013132621180 John wick (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11208604 The identical (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 883476145990 The green prince (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 741360538671 Camelot (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 0780689267 Boyhood (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 032429208644 Magic in the moonlight (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 043396445727 I am ali (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 025192263286 Fury (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11201187 The book of life (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11201189 Bill & Ted's excellent adventure [videorecording] / Nelson Entertainment presents an Interscope Communications production in association with Soisson/Murphey Productions. 883904284925 The best of me (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11201191 Automata (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 687797144669 The judge (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11196582 Heatstroke / Bold Films present a Film Afrika/Apollomovie co-production. 625828634116 Dracula untold (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11196580 Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11196578 What if (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 043396447851 Reclaim (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 031398205784 Inspector lewis series 7 (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 9781627890885 The hero of color city (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 876964007177 Gone girl (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11190999 Annabelle (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11191071 And so it goes (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 024543993711 The equalizer (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11188587 The boxtrolls (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11188589 A walk among the tombstones (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11186563 This is where i leave you (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11186283 Paradise, the - season two (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 883929447718 The maze runner (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11186281 Frank (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 876964007818 Downton abbey season 5 (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 9781627890656 Passa┼╝erka. 4260063510052 Wish i was here (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 025192249068 No good deed (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11183200 Dolphin tale 2 (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11183196 Doctor who complete 8th series (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 883929410545 Tootsie (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 9781604658910 The november man (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11173283 Game of thrones - complete 4th season (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 883929411269 As above, so below (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11173285 Night of the demons [videorecording] / Blue Rider Pictures presents a Paragon Arts International Production of a Kevis S. Tenney film. 826663146295 Zoolander (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 883929407088 When the game stands tall (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11163250 Sin city - a dame to kill for (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11163251 If i stay (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11163356 The giver (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11148681 The expendables 3 (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11148685 Teenage mutant ninja turtles (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11147124 Into the storm (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11147126 The hundred-foot journey (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11147122 Lucy (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11137845 Guardians of the galaxy (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11142049 Dawn of the planet of the apes (Blu-ray) [videorecording]. 11123414 Windjammer : the voyage of the Christian Radich. 1893967751 Chimpanzee [videorecording] / Disneynature. 786936827361 Ocean giants [videorecording] / a co-production of BBC and Thirteen in association with WNET. 0780671783 Lady and the Tramp [videorecording] / Walt Disney presents. 786936818079 African cats [videorecording] / DisneyNature presents ; a Fothergill, Scholey production. 786936818512 The sound of music [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Robert Wise production ; produced by Argyle Enterprises. 024543701767