New Youth Feature Films on DVD at Skokie Public Library These are the latest titles added to the collection eng Sat, 25 Oct 2014 05:32:06 GMT Millennium Feed Builder 720 New Youth Feature Films on DVD at Skokie Public Library 88 31 Beast machines Transformers. Season two. Beast machines Transformers. Season one. RoboRex / Redline Entertainment and Highland Film Group. 625828634864 The little penguin Pororo's racing adventure [videorecording] / produced by Ocon Studios ; co-produced by China Entertainment Corporation. 031398185079 Sleeping Beauty. 786936842357 The boy who cried Bigfoot! / author/illustrator, Scott Magoon. 9781633791206 Beware the Batman. Season 1, part 2. Dark justice. 883929336630 Berenstain Bears. Teddy bear picnic. 625828634413 Bailey at the museum [videorecording] / author and illustrator, Harry Bliss. 1629239569 Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. Season 1, volume 1. 025192030529 Witch's night out. 683904536587 Celery night fever / Big Idea Entertainment. 037117031276 Beauty and the beet [video recording]. 9780110330211 Transformers, Rescue Bots. Mystery rescue [videorecording]. 9780109838063 Transformers prime. Ultimate autobots [videorecording]. 9780110043012 The Tom & Jerry show. Season 1, part 1, Frisky business 883929331550 Tom and Jerry. The lost dragon / Turner Entertainment Co. and Warner Bros. Animation ; written by Brian Swenlin ; produced and directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone. 9780109838070 Thunder and the house of magic. 826663153316 Strawberry Shortcake. Berry best friends. 024543888161 Shuriken school. The complete series. 025192231667 Cinderella.. 826663151138 Regular show. Rigby pack. 883929411016 Power Rangers megaforce. A battle to the finish. 031398201021 Power rangers in space. Volume two. 826663152661 Power Rangers in space. Volume one. 826663151275 Pokémon. BW, adventures in Unova. Set 1. 782009243502 Paw patrol. Winter rescues [videorecording]. 9780110048505 Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures. A berry scary night / written by Tom Ruegger. 625828634819 My Little Pony. The complete series. 826663152364 My Little Pony, friendship is magic. Spooktacular pony tales. 826663151893 My friend Bernard / Phase 4 Films and BRB Internacional present. 625828634246 Mummy, I'm a zombie / Phase 4 Films and Barton Films present ; an Abra Prod production. 625828634642 Mighty morphin power rangers. Green with evil 826663152258 Littlest pet shop. Passport to fashion [videorecording]. 9780110043616 The little ghost. 037117033249 Woody Woodpecker and friends Halloween favorites. 025192248900 Under wraps. 796019828635 Tom and Jerry and friends. Volume 2. 883929408269 Slugterra. Return of the elementals. 826663152166 Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. The complete season two. 883929422173 Samurai Jack and friends / Cartoon Network. 883929421770 Sabrina, secrets of a teenage witch. A witch and the werewolf : the movie. 9780110048529 Postman Pat : the movie. 032429201492 My Little Pony. Escape from Catrina and other adventures. 826663152418 My dog the champion / The Nations and Femmewerks Productions present in association with American Dog Rescue a film by The Nations. 013132616698 LEGO Ninjago and friends. 883929422692 League of super evil. Season 2 / Nerd Corps Entertainment Inc. ; Flatiron Film Company. 025192217968 Koala Kid [videorecording] / Lotte Entertainment, Digiart Company, the Animation Picture Company present. 024543868682 The junior spy agency [videorecording]. 9780109308344 The Jetsons. Season 3. 888574016371 Jack and the cuckoo-clock heart. 826663151800 Hot wheels battle force 5. Season 2, vol. 4. 025192014734 Hot wheels battle force 5, fused. Season 2, vol. 3 025192247422 The amazing world of Gumball and friends / Cartoon Network. 883929420629 Gravity falls. Even stranger 786936843057 Good luck Charlie. So long, farewell! 786936843026 Ghosts, goblins & ghouls / DreamWorks Animation L.L.C., Classic Media, LLC. 037117033850 Geronimo Stilton. Going down to Chinatown and other adventures. 741952773399 The marvelous misadventures of Flapjack and friends. 883929421602 Ella the elephant. Season one, volume one, Themagic of friendship. 0780697790 Eleanor's secret / GKIDS and Gaumont-Alphanim, La Fabrique and Lanterna Magica present a film by Dominique Monfrey. 025192235641 Earth to echo. 024543918288 Dwegons and leprechauns. 037117034543 Dennis the menace. Volume one [videorecording] / DHX Media. 683904532855 DC comics super-villains. Justice League. Masterminds of crime. 9780110042206 Daisy : a hen into the wild. 887090800303 Courage the cowardly dog. Season two. 883929403622 Mr. Peabody & Sherman. The complete collection. 037117035168 Care Bears, welcome to Care-a-lot. The Care-a-thon games. 9786315344121 The boxcar children. 625828632983 Bold eagles / Phase 4 Films presents. 625828634529 The Berenstain Bears. Class is back! [videorecording] / Nelvana Limited. 625828634406 Ben 10, omniverse. Galactic monsters. 883929391523 Babar and the adventures of Badou. Gone wild [videorecording]. 9780109572257 Austin & Ally. Chasing the beat 786936842999 Animaniacs. Wakko's wish. 883929338061 Animal mechanicals Volume one [videorecording] / aHalifax film production. 683904532886 Amazon Jack. 625828634024 Alpha and Omega 2 : a howl-iday adventure / Lionsgate presents in association with Crest Animation a Crest Animation/Lionsgate production. 031398179023 Against the wild / Anchor Bay Films ; Against the Wild Films. 013132616674 Adventure time. The complete fourth season. 883929390694 Transformers. Energon. Season two [videorecording] 826663149340 Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Cowabunga classics. 031398199786 Scooby-Doo!. Frankencreepy / Hanna Barbera and Warner Bros. Animation. 883929339976 Mostly ghostly : have you met my ghoulfriend? 025192214110 Little house on the prairie. Season three. 031398202479 Little house on the prairie. Season two / Lionsgate. 031398195436 Transformers. Energon. Season one [Videorecording] 826663149340 (set) Transformers cybertron. The complete series. 826663151190 Transformers armada. The complete series. 826663147971 Toy story of terror! 786936842319 Winx club. The original season 1, volume 2, Defeating the Trix [videorecording]. 025192223112 Winx club. The original season 1, volume 1, Realm of Magix [videorecording]. 025192223259 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The good, the bad, and Casey Jones. 1415780218 Sophia Grace & Rosie's royal adventure / Warner Home Video presents ; a Very Good Production. 883929400034 Princess Juliet. 858199013826 The paper bag princess / Robert Munsch. 9781629239651 Ninja turtles, the next mutation. Turtle power!. 826663151961 Ninja Turtles, the next mutation. East meets West. 826663147957 Mumfie's quest : the movie. 031398199168 LEGO friends. Friends are forever. 883929420889 LEGO Ninjago, masters of spinjitzu. Season three, part one, Battle for new ninjago city [videorecording]. 9780109573407 The jungle book. Bird-day bash. 625828633119 Bailey [videorecording]. 1629239534 Arthur. Arthur goes back to school. 9781608830909 Antboy / Nimbus Films. 816943011146 Alvin and the Chipmunks. The chipmunk adventure / Bagdasarian Productions presents. 037117030255 The adventures of Chuck & friends. Top gear trucks [videorecording]. 9780109054418 Rugrats. Outdoor shenanigans! 1415780099 My little pony, friendship is magic. Pinkie Pie party [videorecording] / Hasbro. 826663138733 The legend of Korra. Book two, Spirits. 1415778566 The legend of Korra. Book one, Air [videorecording]. 1415764530 The new adventures of Superman. Season 3. 2000092992 Warner Swindle [videorecording] / Nickelodeon. 887936829949 Legends of Oz : Dorothy's return / Summertime Entertainment production. 024543975144 Yu-Gi-Oh!. Season 5, volume 3. 025192233685 Yu-gi-oh!. Season 5, volume 2 / Flatiron Film Company ; 4K Media, Inc.. 025192233708 Yu-gi-oh!. Season 5, volume 1 / Flatiron Film Company ; 4K Media, Inc. 025192233692 Yu-Gi-Oh!. Season 4. 025192229848 Yu-Gi-Oh!. Bonds beyond time. 025192234996 American girl. Isabelle dances into the spotlight / Universal Studios Home Entertainment and American Girl presents a Debra Martin Chase production. 025192217555 WordGirl. Monkey business / PBS Kids. 9781627890335 Tweety Pie and friends. 883929404322 Transformers, Rescue Bots. Heroes on the scene [videorecording] / Hasbro. 826663146400 Transformers, more than meets the eye. Seasons three and four. 826663150568 The Transformers, more than meets the eye. Season two, volume two. 826663150551 The Transformers, more than meets the eye. Season two, volume one. 826663150544 The Transformers : more than meets the eye. Season 1. 826663150537 Beast wars Transformers. Chain of command. 826663142693 (set) Transformers animated. Season 3. 826663146240 Transformers, more than meets the eye. Roar of the dinobots. 826663150919 This is America, Charlie Brown / a Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez production in association with Peanuts Worldwide LLC. and Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates and United Feature Syndicate, Inc. 883929346844 Teen titans go! Season one, part two, Couch crusaders. 883929399819 Strawberry Shortcake. Fun under the sun. 024543896043 Rugrats! Reptar returns! / Nickelodeon. 1415780110 The return of the king. 883929396443 Mickey, Donald, Goofy. The Three Musketeers. 786936838626 The hobbit. 883929396450 Goodnight, goodnight, construction site... and more stories about work [videorecording]. 025192235672 The Garfield show. Best friends forever. 883476143804 Fred Flintstone and friends / Warner Bros. 883929408771 The adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy. The magic wings adventure / CBS. 025192233739 Adventure time. Princess day [videorecording]. 9780109308290 A tiger's tail [videorecording] / Epic Pictures Group presents a Film Entertainment Services, Wittgenstein Ventures GMBH in association with InMotion Entertainment production. 631540796X Sneezing baby panda / Shoreline Entertainment. 816943011382 Slugterra : ghoul from beyond / Slugterrainea Productions. 9780109054432 Shuriken school. The ninja's secret. 025192232176 Scooby-doo! 13 spooky tales. Field of screams / Warner Bros. 883929339730 Regular show. The complete third season / Cartoon Network. 883929391226 Powerpuff Girls and friends / Warner Bros. 883929406289 Power Rangers turbo. Volume two / producer, Brian Ward. 826663149937 Power rangers turbo. Volume one / director, Judd Lynn. 826663148862 Power Rangers megaforce. Ultra defenders. 031398197331 Pound puppies. A perfect match. 826663148909 Pokemon. BW rival destinies. 3 / The Pokémon Company International. 782009243045 Peg + Cat. Chickens on the loose, and other really big problems! / PBS Kids. 9781627890236 Paw patrol. 1415776474 Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures. Pac is back! 625828619090 Robot invasion / Nickelodeon. 1415780153 Heroes in action! [videorecording] 9780109308306 The new adventures of Superman. Season 2. 2000092991 Warner My little pony, friendship is magic. Keys of friendship. 826663150827 My little pony, friendship is magic. A dash of awesome. 826663148251 The original Mr. Peabody & Sherman. WABAC adventures, Vol. 2 / Bullwinkle Studios ; a Jay Ward production. 037117029075 The original Mr. Peabody & Sherman. WABAC adventures, Vol 1 / Bullwinkle Studios ; a Jay Ward production. 037117029068 Monster High. Clawesome double feature / Cineplex Entertainment. 025192244155 Lucky dog. 625828632419 Looney tunes spotlight collection. 8 / Warner Bros. 883929400959 Littlest pet shop. Strike a pose!. 826663148626 Legends of Chima. Season one, part two. 883929395682 The jungle book. Jungle party / created and produced by DQ Entertainment. 625828631009 JLA adventures. Trapped in time [videorecording] : original movie / Warner Bros. Animation presents. 883929337774 Hi! fly guy... and other animal antics [videorecording] / Cinedigm, Scholastic, Weston Woods. 025192235665 Hercules. 786936842562 Dude, where's my dog? / Dream Factory Entertainment and Blairwood Entertainment ; in association with TIC Entertainment. 814838013671 Clue / Hasbro Studios ; Screen Siren Pictures. 826663150803 Cloud 9 [videorecording] / Walt Disney Studios Home Entertaiment presents a Disney Channel original movie. 786936840391 Chowder and friends / Cartoon Network. 883929406326 The Berenstain Bears. Ready, set, go! 625828632501 The Berenstain bears. Carnival coasters. 625828630156 Batman, the brave and the bold. The complete first season / Warner Bros. Animation presents. 883929389674 Banjo the woodpile cat. 024543936688 Baby geniuses and the treasures of Egypt [videorecording].. 9780109572615 Arthur. Arthur makes a movie / CINAR Productions ; WGBH Educational Foundation ; Horn Rims XIV Productions.. 9781608830916 Agent F.O.X. / Phase 4 Films presents. 625828632211 The adventures of Raggedy Ann & Andy. The sunny bunny adventure and more stories. 025192233753 The adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. 786936839371 Adventure time. The suitor / Cartoon Network. 883929400683 Sophia Grace & Rosie's royal adventure / Warner Home Video presents a Very Good Production. 883929355174 Rio 2 / Twentieth Century Fox Animation presents a Blue Sky Studios production. 024543853909 80 Dragons, defenders of Berk. Part 2 / Cartoon Network. 024543898412 Ben 10 and friends. 883929405725 Ernest & Celestine [videorecording] / Les Armateurs ... [et al.]. 9780109054456 Lalaloopsy ponies. The big show / MGA Entertainment. 031398193586 Guardian of the highlands / Random Media and Shoreline Entertainment presents a film by Billi Productions LTD and Glasgow Animation. 883476132488 Angry birds toons. Season one, volume two / Rovio. 043396440920 Muppets most wanted / Disney presents ; a Mandeville Films production. 786936841701 The nut job / Open Road Films presents ; a Redrover Co. Ltd. and Toonbox Entertainment Ltd. and Gulfstream Pictures film. 025192200809 How to train your dragon. 032429151773 The adventures of Batman. 883929340439 Stan Lee's Mighty 7. Beginnings / Stan Lee Comics. 883476142722 Mr. Peabody & Sherman [videorecording] / Dreamworks Animation SKG presents and PDI/Dreamworks production ; a Bullwinkle Studios production. 024543871330 80 The Lego movie / Warner Bros. Pictures presents ; in association with Village Roadshow Pictures ; in association with Lego Systems A/S ; a Vertigo Entertainment/Lin Picutres production. 883929388929 MVP [videorecording] : most valuable primate / Phase 4 Films and Keystone Family Pictures. 625828617492 Yu-gi-oh!. Season 3, volume 2. 025192215490 Winx club. The complete original season 1. 025192223273 Veggies in space : the fennel frontier. :/ produced by Big Idea Entertainment. 037117028979 VeggieTales. Funtastic four! [videorecording] / Big Idea Productions. 037117062331 Under the freedom tree [videorecording] / by Susan VanHecke ; London Ladd, illustrator. 9781629235790 Turkles. 824355545227 Treasure State / Good Outlaw Studios and Metro One Music, Inc. present. 818768010731 Tom and Jerry and friends. Vol. 1. 883929404292 Timeslingers. 859831006701 Tenkai Knights. Rise of the Knights. 625828627309 Superman and friends. 883929404308 Strawberry Shortcake. Berry big help. 024543889861 SpongeBob SquarePants. Spongebob, you're fired! 097368059443 Scooby-Doo! and friends. 883929404285 The Saddle Club. Season 3 [videorecording]. 018713604903 The Saddle Club. Season 2 [videorecording]. 018713604897 Saddle Club. Storm at Pine Hollow [videorecording] / Crawfords Australia & Protocol Entertainment, Inc. present an Australian/Canadian co-production. 018713603166 The Saddle Club. Horse of a Different Color [videorecording] / Crawfords Australia & Protocol Entertainment, Inc. present an Australian/Canadian co-production. 018713603159 Pup. 625828627408 Power Rangers Megaforce. The great dragon spirit. 031398193579 Pokemon. BW rival destinies. 2. 782009243038 The pirate fairy / DisneyToon Studios. 786936833362 Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures. Ghost patrol! 625828628382 Moonday / Adam Rex ; animated by Illustrate It. 9781933938943 Monsters vs aliens. Supersonic joyride. 024543896562 Monster High. Frights, camera, action!. 025192199059 Mako mermaids : an H2O adventure. Season 1, vol. 2, Moon pool magic. 025192217906 Mako mermaids : an H2O adventure. Season 1, vol. 1, Island of secrets. 025192217937 Looney Tunes. Center stage, volume 1. 883929396696 The little rascals save the day / Universal 1440 Entertainment presents. 025192169892 LEGO Star wars. The Yoda chronicles / produced by WIL FILM ApS. 024543893554 Lawn to lawn / Dan Yaccarino. 9781629236261 Kung fu panda legends of awesomeness. The midnight stranger. 024543887270 Khumba / Cinema Management Group in association with The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, The National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa, and Spier Films presents a Triggerfish Animation Studios film. 9781616662431 Easter egg-ventures. 625828628207 The jungle book : the cobra egg quest. 625828627378 The jungle book 2 / director, Steve Trenbirth ; writer, Karl Geurs. 786936833348 Mini-movie collection [videorecording] / Illumination Entertainment. 025192197987 Hot Wheels battle force 5 fused. Season 2, vol. 2. 025192232169 Hot Wheels battle force 5 fused. Season 2, vol. 1. 025192231650 The high fructose adventures of Annoying Orange. Vol. 3, Fruit wars [videorecording] / 14th Hour Productions. 883476092782 The high fructose adventures of annoying orange. Season 1 [videorecording]. 883476092690 The high fructose adventures of annoying orange. Vol. 2, Get juiced! [videorecording]. 883476092751 Goldy Luck and the three pandas / by Natasha Yim ; illustrated by Grace Zong. 9781629235851 Geronimo Stilton. Intrigue on the rodent express and other adventures. 1417241748 Fuzzy tales. Volume 1, Snow White and the seven dwarf bunnies / Brain Power Studio. 625828628283 Dragons, defenders of Berk. Part 1 / Cartoon Network. 024543898290 Donkey Kong country. The legend of the crystal coconut. 625828628177 Digimon data squad. The official fifth season. 025192224546 DC Comics super heroes : the filmation adventures. Vol. 1. 883929398621 Danny Phantom. The complete series. 826663146752 Daffy Duck and friends. 883929404353 The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about that. Space is the place!. 843501009512 Bugs Bunny and friends. 883929404377 Between the lions. Vowel power. 9781608830800 Ben 10 omniverse. Duel of the duplicates. 883929389766 Batman and friends. 883929404315 Barbie. The Pearl Princess / Barbie Entertainment presents a Rainmaker Entertainment production. 025192189289 Angelina Ballerina. Spring fling. 884487114166 All stars / Phase 4 Films and Vertigo Films/SquareOne Entertainment. 625828627873 Abner the invisible dog / Stevens Entertainment Group, Synthetic Filmwerx 815300012222 Little house on the prairie. Season one & the pilot movie. 031398189176 DC Comics super heroes : the filmation adventures. Vol. 2. 883929396702 Walking with dinosaurs [videorecording] : the 3D movie / Twentieth Century Fox and Reliance Entertainment present ; a BBC Earth Films and Evergreen Studios production. 024543894049 Yu-gi-oh!. Season 3, volume 1. 025192215483 Wings [videorecording] / Grindstone Entertainment Group and Paradise present. 031398173168 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Academy Award-nominated animation. Golden gems. 883929321834 Transformers prime. Season three, Beast hunters / Darby Pop Productions [and others]. 826663145083 Totally spies. Season two, Secret agents / TF1-Marathon. 025192206382 Totally spies. Fame & fashion. 025192206375 Tom & Jerry. Mouse trouble. 883929343072 Tom & Jerry's global games. 883929392162 Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Mutagen mayhem / Nickelodeon. 097368047341 Teen titans go! Season 1 part 1, Mission to misbehave / Cartoon Network ; Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 883929338108 Tattooed teenage alien fighters from Beverly Hills. The complete series. 683904531322 Tad [videorecording] : the lost explorer / Mediaset España and Intereconomia present a film production by El Toro Pictures ... [et al.] in coproduction with Media Networks with the participation of AXN, Canal Plus, Televisiơ de Catalunya, SA with the support of ICAA, ICEC ; animation and graphic development, Lightbox Entertainment. 883476093802 Swan princess. A royal family tale. 043396420915 Superman & friends [videorecording] : 75th anniversary collection. 0778634477 Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad. Volume two [videorecording] / DHX Media. 683904531339 Step dogs / Joker Films presents in association with Trilight Entertainment and in association with I2O DB Films. 014381846324 Snowflake [videorecording] : the white gorilla / Grindstone Entertainment Group and Filmax Entertainment presents a Julio Fern̓andez production. 031398173984 Scooby-Doo!. Wrestlemania mystery : original movie. 883929337781 Scooby-doo! adventures - the mystery map! (DVD) [videorecording]. 883929352876 Scooby-Doo and the vampires / [Warner Bros. ; Turner Hanna-Barbera Prod.]. 883929390908 Regular show. Mordecai and Margaret pack / Cartoon Network. 883929389506 The princess twins of Legendale / MGA Entertainment, Inc., presents an MGA Entertainment production ; a film produced by XLT. 031398172437 Primates of the Caribbean. 625828624551 Power Rangers Megaforce. The mysterious Robo Knight. 2. 031398182757 A pony tale / Phase 4 Films and Fun Family Features present a TMCC production. 625828625824 Pokemon Indigo league. Season 1, episodes 1-26 / Viz Media ; Pokémon Company International. 782009243212 Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures. All you can eat!. 625828625749 Otto the rhino. 625828627316 Digimon digital monsters. The official second season, vol. 5. 025192215049 My dog the space traveler / Barnholtz Entertainment, Inc and Dreamscape Cinema present a Robin Christian film. 018713611772 Moon man. 025192219603 Legends of CHIMA. The lion, the crocodile and the power of chi. 883929383221 The jungle book. 786936833232 Heathcliff. Season one, volume two [videorecording] / DHX Media. 683904531308 The Garfield show. It's showtime!. 883476132297 Frozen. 786936838961 Free birds / Reel FX Film Fund and Relativity Media present a Reel FX Animation Studios production. 024543883586 The Flintstone kids. Rockin' in Bedrock. 883929342785 Donkey Kong country. Kong fu. 625828625619 Beware the batman. Season 1, part 1, Shadow of Gotham / Cartoon Network. 0780699432 Beverly Hills teens. Volume two [videorecording] / DHX Media. 683904531315 The Berenstain Bears. Ultimate collection / Kaboom! Entertainment presents. 625828624407 The Berenstain Bears. Family values / Nelvana. 625828625633 The Berenstain Bears. Count their blessings / Nelvana. 625828626579 AquaTales = Leyendas del mar. 625828625800 Angelina Ballerina. On with the show. 884487114128 Adventures of the Penguin King / Serengeti Entertainment Limited. 025192219498 Adventure time. The complete third season / Cartoon Network. 883929365531 Walking with dinosaurs : the movie / Twentieth Century Fox and Reliance Entertainment present ; in association with IM Global ; a BBC Earth Films and Evergreen Studios production. 024543812272 The Roman holidays. The complete series [videorecording] / Hanna-Barbera presents. 883316799338 The magic school bus. Under construction [videorecording]. NNVG292591LT1 Cinedigm Entertainment The magic school bus. Getting energized [videorecording]. NNVG292591LT2 Cinedigm Entertainment Wild kratts. Tiny trouble [videorecording] / produced by the Kratt Brothers Company. 9781608830145 Wild Kratts. Bugging out. 9781608830138 Spongebob and friends. Patrick Squarepants / Nickelodeon. 097368053847 Space stars. The complete series [videorecording]. 883316857069 Digimon digital monsters. The official second season, Vol. 4 / Flatiron Film Company ; Toei Animation. 767685294918 The night before Christmas [videorecording] ; The Christmas elves / Golden Films. 025192206450 My little pony, friendship is magic. A pony for every season. 826663145199 My little pony. Classic movie collection / HASBRO Studios. 826663146547 Mr. Wuffles! 9780977709861 Inspector Gadget. Season two [videorecording]. 767685294888 Inspector Gadget. Season one, volume two [viderecording]. 767685294864 Inspector Gadget. Season one, volume one [videorecording]. 767685294451 Inspector Gadget saves Christmas [videorecording]. 025192205941 Flipper, the new adventures. Complete s'eason 4 [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents. 011891211093 Flipper, the new adventures. Complete season 3 [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents. 011891211086 Flipper, the new adventures. Complete season 2 [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents. 011891211079 Christmas double header! Gumby's Christmas capers ; Santa and the three bears [videorecording] / Legend Films in association with Jersey Productions, Inc. presents. 9781606732687 Cat in the hat knows a lot about that!. Let's celebrate!. 843501009505 All dogs go to Heaven, the series. Complete season 1 [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. 011891211123 Totally spies. Season 3, Rank: super spies! 025192215063 Totally spies. Season 3, Mission mania. 025192215056 Totally spies. Wild style / Flatiron Film Company. 767685294154 Totally spies. Top secret missions [videorecording] / Flatiron film company. 767685294147 Top Cat [videorecording] : the movie / an Ánima Estudios production. 816943010477 Those darn squirrels! [videorecording]/ by Adam Rubin ; illustrated by Daniel Salmieri. 9781933938400 Those darn squirrels fly south [videorecording] / by Adam Rubin ; illustrations by Daniel Salmieri ; animated by Epipheo Studios. 9781933938936 Those darn squirrels and the cat next door [videorecording] / by Adam Rubin ; illustrations by Daniel Salmieri ; animated by Epipheo Studios. 9781933938455 The Snow Queen / Wizart Animation and Inlay Film and Bazelevs present. 037117083237 The Smurfs 2 [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation persent in association with Hemisphere Media Capital ; a Kerner Entertainment Company production ; a film by Raja Gosnell. 043396419681 Slugterra. Volume 3, Slug power! [videorecording (DVD)]. 826663142860 Scooby-Doo. 13 spooky tales for the love of snack / Hanna-Barbera. 883929337743 The saddle club. Saving Pine Hollow [videorecording]. 018713610409 The saddle club. Friends forever [videorecording]. 018713610393 Power Rangers Zeo. Volume one / Saban Brands ; DVD producer, Brian Ward. 826663144482 Pokemon the movie. Genesect and the legend awakened [videorecording]. 782009243250 Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain. The complete series / Amblin Entertainment. 883929339952 NFL rush zone : season of the guardians. Volume 1 [videorecording]. 883476094885 Merry Christmas, Splat [videorecording] : --and more winter stories / produced by Weston Woods Studios, Inc. 025192206696 Marine boy. The complete first season [videorecording]. 883316839836 The magic school bus. Space adventures [videorecording] / Scholastic Productions, Inc. 054562175X The magic school bus. Cracks a yolk [videorecording]. NNVG292591LT3 Cinedigm Entertainment The magic school bus. Iin a pickle [videorecording]. 0545627141 The jungle book. The treasure of Cold Lair / Phase 4 Films and DQ Entertainment International present ; KaBOOM! Entertainment. 625828623998 Iron Man, Hulk [videorecording] : heroes united. 786936838664 Frozen land [videorecording] / Phase 4 Films, Carpediem Film & TV and 10th Ave. Productions present ; KaBOOM! Entertainment ; animation studio, Modus FX. 625828623592 Don't let the pigeon stay up late! : --and more stories by Mo Willems [videorecording] / Weston Woods. 0545645174 Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. 043396425101 Children make terrible pets [videorecording] : --and more stories about family. 0545645182 Touchdown Charlie Brown! / a Lee Mendelson -- Bill Melendez production. 883929345991 Building our house / written and illustrated by Jonathan Bean. 9780977709830 Angry birds toons. Season one, volume one [videorecording]. 043396435537 Angelina Ballerina. Twirling tales [videorecording] 884487113992 A 2nd chance / Marvista Entertainment and Glen Pictures. 813153011799 Yogi's gang. 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