Russian Icons from Hillwood
Sunday, March 25 in the Radmacher Meeting Room

The new Loyola University Museum of Art near the university's "Water Tower" campus will host a special exhibition of Russian art from the Romanov period from February 20 through May 20, 2007. This exhibit offers a rare opportunity to see icons and other objects from Hillwood Museum and Gardens on a first ever U.S. tour.

PhotoOn Sunday, March 25, Dr. Michelle Paluch-Mishur presents a slide lecture at Skokie Public Library to discuss the importance of icons in the Russian Orthodox tradition and show some of the processes used in their production. Examples of traditional approaches will be compared with approaches influenced by the Western tradition. Romanov period works will also be compared to Medieval icons. Finally, this presentation includes a brief history of Hillwood's collection of Russian art.

As owner of Art Excursions, Inc., a provider of art-related tours and lectures, Dr. Paluch-Mishur has led several tours to Washington, D.C. featuring Hillwood Museum and Gardens on the itinerary. Paluch-Mishur has a Ph.D. in art history and is the recipient of numerous awards, grants, and fellowships.